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How Modern Technology Affects the Rumored Death of SEO

Has the death of SEO already happened? This is an annoying and non-sense question that must be ignored. When SEO was created, people have already declared the death of it. The more they said it died, the more it becomes relevant to us today. If you searched for the phrase “is SEO dead,” some websites will tell you this is a trite phrase since May 2010.

Why should time be wasted on this? Doubters always contemplate on the death of SEO every time there is growth in the industry. But SEO methods are only being modified along with the Internet for 30 years, and what matters most is the ranking of results that search engines give. Technology may evolve and affect our usage of the Internet, but to promote content is always the name of the game. This leads us to say that there is no truth in the rumored death of SEO. Here are the reasons why SEO continues to survive and prove wrong all these speculations.

The Internet of Things as a Booster of SEO Usage

There is always this misconception that the Internet of Things, or the connectivity of cellphones, wearable devices, automated cars, and other machines to the Internet, might signal the death of SEO for web navigation. In fact, SEO is vital for the machine’s detection of search engine results, making information readily accessible to the person. This is achievable with the help of free and available SEO tools for site scanning, competition monitoring, and keyword targeting.

The retail, medical, industrial, financial, residential, commercial, and technological segments need the Internet to function. The machines used in every segment are connected to the Internet, and this proves that the function of machines do not compete with the Internet, but complement each other instead.

During 1992, the Internet is connected to only 1 million devices. Currently, out of 7.125+ billion of people in the world, there are 23 billion gadgets connected to the Internet, showing that each individual might have two or three devices. It is now projected in 2020 to record 50.1 billion devices connected to the Internet, almost doubling the current figure.

The Internet of Things does not contribute to the death of SEO but boosts its usage instead. The presence of numerous devices at hand contributes to the rising traffic of search results made by individuals. This trend demands more useful content, and the cycle of boosting SEO usage continues.

People Still Need SEO Regardless of SEO Methods

The use of voice search has already threatened the use of search engines in the future. The voice search offers only the top result of searches made by human sounds. The death of SEO will not happen. SEO is still needed and will not go out of place.

Websites compete to intensify their top online presence and performance. Moreover, 93% of searchers begin with the search engines and the first page, and 75% of these people do not go beyond the second page. Also, 70 to 80% of these searchers prioritize organic search results and ignore paid ads.

To promote their voice search programs, Apple, Google, and Microsoft try to give the nearest, most possible answers to search questions. Regardless of the methods used to search content, searching the Internet will be a lifestyle of people. Internet content, changed or unchanged, will always be present and useful to people. This proves that the death of SEO will be impossible as long as content and SEO methods are available.

Methods and Aids of SEO

Schema is helpful in Google searches by giving details below the titles or headlines of search engine results. It gives a brief description, whether the words searched for are reviews, events, news, products, or reference materials. For example, you search for your favorite basketball team. Results will also show the names of members, coaches, schedule of games, biographies, and other facts about them.

Schema helps in boosting the reputation and increases the presence of a search result, which saves the time of the searcher in clicking links. With the help of SEO and sitemaps, searchers are saved from the traps of Pay-Per-Click or PPC marketing.

Google also utilizes Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP to load results faster on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. AMP, with the use of mobile devices, results appear on the top. AMP versions also help mobile users to have a better view of the links clicked.

Thus, the death of SEO is impossible to happen with the presence of these aids and methods in modern technology.

The Role of SEOs in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality or AR and Virtual Reality or VR are starting to impact results because of the continuous development of technology. The visual effects given by both AR and VR heighten viewer traffic of a certain website or webpage.

For example, Pokemon Go attracted 5 million daily users. The VR and AR of this game made the users go to certain business establishments and private places. As these application users search for places and Pokestops, they use SEO. This became an advantage and a marketing strategy of different real establishments. Another example is the use of Google Maps. In a virtual way, it helps users locate actual places.

VR and AR industry, through the use of VR and AR headsets and applications, is expected to bring in $41 billion dollars in 2020, and in 2025, consumers are expected to contribute $18.9 billion in the market. They will be the new method to search for web content in the future, making the death of SEO unlikely to happen.

The development of technology is beyond our imagination. The emergence of different devices, unlimited connectivity, and the presence of different realities make Internet content and information more useful and relevant to people. SEO is classic, and content must be presented with the right SEO standards. If you encounter problems in creating the right content, we, iPresence Business Solutions, can give you an established online presence through our relevant SEO content. With these services, the death of SEO is just a myth that no one will believe in.

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