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Whether you’re a product creator, an affiliate marketer or an online service provider,  marketing is surely the heart of your business. Talking about marketing, we will help you promote your products and services through our paid forum posting service.

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These are the two things our forum posting service can do for you that others can’t.

1. We will maximize the exposure of your signature that is linked to your product page, squeeze page or service page.

We will make you a sensible contributor to your fellow forum members by answering their questions or by putting across your affirmations and personal experiences regarding the information they share in various threads. All the while they thought you were the one posting without knowing that there’s a forum poster from iPresence Business Solutions who’s taking care of your account. The credit is all yours.

Through our premium quality forum posting service, you gain respect from your fellow forum members so they will be intrigued to click whatever is in your signature. You may also receive inquiries regarding your products and services because your fellow forum members see how active you are with the sole intent of helping forum members and contributing to the forum. Although your real motive in hiring our posting service is to promote products, services and websites, your fellows won’t think that your active participation is not to promote something. Your real motive will be sugar-coated by the spirit of “helping and contributing” to the forum. That will stimulate your fellow forum members’ interest to click your signature without the need for you to beg.

2. We will build or re-build your reputation in any forum.

If, for once in your internet marketing career, you’ve been side-tracked and wished you didn’t do something you are now regretful about, it’s high-time to re-build your reputation in some forum posting sites of your choice. Our forum posting service lets you re-build your name while marketing a product, a service or a website on the side through your signature. The way we talk to you on this page is the same way we will post to re-brand and to expose your signature.


  • We highly-recommend that you let us use your own forum accounts. Please sign-up in your favorite forums. Set-up your signatures. We can help you write a more eye-catchy signature when you place an order.
  • For privacy reasons, we can’t show you samples of accounts we’re managing. Our clients have requested not to disclose their forum accounts for privacy purposes. The rationale behind this is simple. When someone hires a service provider to do the posting on his behalf, he will never want anyone to know that he is not the person behind those awesome posts.

How to order?

Please send us a message through our Contact Us page. Thank you.