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Top 5 Blog Topics You Should Write on Your Next Blog Post

Choosing a topic to write about isn’t a no-brainer. It takes a lot of consideration. Sure it’s your blog and you can write whatever floats your boat, but the question is: Does anyone want to read it? In this world where people live with social media, it is important to get your work out there, because if no one bothers to read your blog, it’s a waste of effort. You must write what people want to read. It is important to know what blog topics you should write if you want to increase your blog traffic and share rate.

You are probably wondering about the kind of blog topics you should write that will tickle your readers’ minds. Simply remember that people love to indulge themselves in things that make them feel better. Eventually, people will flock to your blog and share your entries on various social media platforms. Here are the top five most popular blog topics you should write for your next blog post.

1. Work and Productivity

Being productive is more than just doing more. It’s also about saving time and energy. Time is something we always feel we don’t have enough. We are so much devoted to our jobs that, oftentimes, we forget to allot time for equally important matters, like family, relationships, and self-care.

To get more ideas on productivity, check out Michael Hyatt’s blog and you’ll surely gain new concepts from this leadership development expert. Going through his social sharing metrics, two productivity posts are on the top five list. It is very important to know what topics to write about because they are the leverage you can use to up your blogging game.

2. Travelling

Who doesn’t like to travel and see the world outside your comfort zone? Travelling in this century isn’t a privilege anymore – it’s a lifestyle. More millennials are joining the club and between work and play, going on a trip abroad or visiting a nice place uptown is a detox.

Travel blogs aren’t the only ones doing the duties. Even app sellers like ToDoIst and camera manufacturer GoPro are sharing travel articles on their websites. To know how to choose topics for your blog, take advantage of what you already have. Topics about travelling are shareable. People love sharing photos and articles about places, so the next time you ask yourself what blog topics you should write, include travelling on your list.

3. Health, Wellness and Fitness

Everyone wants to have Kendall Jenner’s hot body or Zac Efron’s chiseled abs in Baywatch. The funny thing is that most people would rather read blogs about health awareness or watch vlogs about fitness than actually working up a sweat. According to Buzzfeed, health was one of the most popular topics way back 2015.

Here’s why you should choose your topics wisely: When people are so obsessed with something, they do it over and over. If you share a weekly fitness series on your blog, people would tend to anticipate your next routines on the following week.

4. Self-empowerment

Everybody’s facing struggles and when the time comes there is no one they can turn to, they look for answers on the Internet. Funny as you may think, but big sites like Huffington Post, Fast Co., and Business Insider are pros in this area. On the list of blog topics you should write, include some of these common yet powerful subject matters:

  • Reaching one’s dream
  • Making relationships last
  • Leadership and community
  • Get a job promotion
  • Overcome depression

In this area, you have a variety of issues to tackle. Life, in general, is a vast ocean of mystery and all of us have one thing in common – we are all trying to figure out who we are and what we want to be. If you know how to choose topics for your blog, then the rest of the world will do the wonder for you. The good thing about this kind of subject is you have a lot of room for sharing your own experiences. The blog topics you should write must be something you genuinely want to talk about.

5. Finance

All of us have probably typed into the Google search bar the arguably most searched question on the Internet: How to Earn Money Fast. We are all living day by day to survive and to thrive. Our lives revolve around working to earn money and because we are now living the fast-paced lifestyle of 2017, many of us are trying to juggle two or three jobs at the same time. Money is one of the blog topics you should write. Teach people how to double their cash. Share tips on how to save money, perhaps, skip a day of Starbucks coffee or ride a bike to office than commute.

A blogger named James Clear once wrote an article for Business Insider entitled, “Warren Buffett’s 20-Slot Rule Will Help You Be More Successful at Work and in Life” and guess what? The post skyrocketed to 58K+ shares from the time it was published!

If you have run out of ideas on what blog topics you should write about, the Internet is a treasure trove of information. Google popular categories like food, entertainment, business, etc. The blog topics you should write about must inspire both you and other people. See what’s trending and make an investment to write content that matters. At iPresence Business Solutions, we deliver high-quality content for your satisfaction. Contact us today so we can write your articles.

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