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Do It Yourself A Guide on How to Start a Home Improvement Blog

Whether you own a home or not, if you’ve ever experienced doing some home improvement, restoration or maintenance work, you’ve probably searched on how to start a home improvement blog. DIY work is hard work, and it’s natural to feel proud of any home improvement work, especially if it was done beautifully. Chances are, you’ve considered starting your home improvement blog at some point. This article aims to provide you with the steps and tips that you need on how to start a home improvement blog.

Step 1: Create a Blog Account or Website.

If you have previously created a blog, then you can start creating your content. If you do not have one or wish to create a new blog, we will give you easy steps on how to start a home improvement blog.

First, choose a blogging tool or platform. There are free and paid platforms that you can use, depending on your needs, regarding content or home improvement blog topics you wish to write about. WordPress and Blogger are two blog sites that you might want to try.

The next step is to secure a domain name and get hosting in place. Having your domain name means you can customize your blog site as you desire, subject to the availability of the domain.

Now, you can set up your blog. Follow the steps as provided by the blogging platform that you have chosen. After that, you are ready to configure and design your blog. Now, you start creating useful content for your target audience.

Step 2: Think of Home Improvement Blog Topics That You Would Like to Feature in Your Blog.

A crucial step in writing a blog is finding a relevant content that is informative, accurate, and entertaining. It’s always best to write about what you know. Write about home improvement blog topics that you are familiar with.

For example, if you’ve had experience painting your kitchen, living room or bedroom, write about that. The best DIY home blogs are those that provide practical and easy-to-follow instructions, which even a person who has never done it before can accomplish successfully. If possible, illustrate. For example, if you wish to write about how to create box frames, it is best to include step-by-step instructions with pictures or drawings. Aside from these, add tips to make DIY work easier, like which brush or roller to use for each painting need.

Keep your blog interesting by writing about home improvement blog topics that your target audience can relate to. The people who are likely to be interested in home maintenance blogs or home restoration blogs are those who live in modest homes. Therefore, do not write about DIY topics that will either cost too much or will require hiring a crew.

Step 3: Find Readers and Share Your Blog to Home Improvement Enthusiasts.

Find your audience. Use social media sites to promote your blog. Find groups for home improvement enthusiasts online, and advertise your blog. It is also important to engage your readers, by adding a comments section and make sure to answer any questions your readers might have. Also, allow them to make suggestions on what home improvement blog topics they might want to read.

Now that you know how to start a home improvement blog, you are ready to go. Make sure to keep writing relevant content just like what iPresence Business Solutions can offer you. Also, encourage your readers to share your blog with other DIY or home improvement enthusiasts. As soon as you’re ready, you can also share to your readers how to start a home improvement blog themselves.

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