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Words on the Line - Where to Hire a Blog Writer1

Knowing where to hire a blog writer may seem like a walk in the park with search engines and social media to help along. But what most people don’t realize is that there are over a billion websites today, and more being created, that the blogging world is no longer a park but a vast sea of words that needs to be navigated.

Hiring a blog writer is not just looking for someone who can form a sentence. The catch is to find the best and most competent writers you can afford. So, here’s a short guide to help you navigate the waters and make you stop asking “where can I hire a writer?”

Fishing Grounds

If you were looking for bread, you would go to a bakery. If you needed money, you’d go to the bank, or maybe your parents. If you needed a good blog writer, do you just go to blog hosting sites?

What if you needed writers for a particular field (e.g. medical, pharmaceutical)? You might Google “where to hire a blog writer who has medical experience?” Sifting through results will take time and effort since a mix of professional and amateur bloggers are there.

An article by Janine Warner notes that “Professional writers often look down on bloggers because their informal online writing rarely benefits from a good editor.” However, it continues to state that “even ‘novice’ writers can be entertaining enough to attract a broad audience.” Fortunately, many professional companies offer blog writing services for a myriad of interests and fields. Find a company that is suited to your area of interest and they will help you connect with the writer you need.

Baiting the Hook

Different fishes often need different baits and the same goes for writers. Maybe you’re after Moby Dick but you only have Jiminy Cricket at the end of your line. Or maybe you have steak dangling over piranhas in the Amazon. Some sites profile their writers with testimonies and hourly rates. This makes the job of knowing where to hire a blog writer who fits your budget easier. Know how much to charge for blog post writing and don’t be afraid to pay for quality. Find a blog writer that is worth the time and resources. Remember, you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

Reel ‘Em In

According to Plato, wise people will speak because they have something to say but fools will talk just because. The main reason why you’re looking where to hire a blog writer is that you have a goal, an idea to share. You don’t want to mess up your vision by hiring a fool to deliver your message. There’s a difference between “helping Uncle Goof, off the seat” and “helping Uncle goof-off.”

Effective writers engage audiences not just with flowery words but with facts, research and aim to help. Well-thought-out articles not only reel readers in but help them. In turn, readers would share this information because of its truthfulness and helpfulness.

Good editing helps in filtering and checking information for articles. If you’re searching where to hire a blog writer, find a company that understands the difference between what you want to say and how you’re saying it.

You can always go with the flow and trust your instincts but research and data are invaluable in giving you good options. Find a company that is affordable and offers the quality you need. Remember that there’s a difference between a re-written article and an original one (written from scratch). The good news is that iPresence Business Solutions is here to help you. We know the difference in style and format of multiple types of content. After all, we’ve been in the content writing business since 2001.

Are you still asking where to hire a blog writer? You’re already here!

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